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Gears of War: The Retrieval

Marcus Fenix has sent an elite group of soldiers to retrieve the GOW retro lancer from a group of mercenaries living on present day earth.

Gears of War 3: Retro Lancer UNBOXING!

Dre opening up the Gears of War 3: Retro Lancer on brainstorming night and plugging the new vid coming soon.

(Source: GOW3LancerUnboxing)

Production and VFX run-through vid

Hey Guys,

Just a heads up that we’re working on a production and VFX run-through of the Street Fighter video. We filmed yesterday and it should be done and posted hopefully by this Sunday. We’re experimenting with how exactly we’re going to be making these video for our second channel so nothing is set in stone when it comes to style and content. If you guys wanna let us know what you think, just post a comment, email or tweet us.


Thanks for the Idea Submission

Hey J@ke,

Thanks for the idea submission. It rocks, very creative and original. Me and Paul both really like it. If we decide to use it or incorporate it in a video, we’ll def give you a shout out for it. Keep em coming and thanks for checking out the vids, channel and blog.


We’ll be at New York Comic Con - Oct 13-16

We’ll be there walking around and chillin (not as an exhibitor or anything…as we ain’t shit…lol). Say hi if you guys see us there. Would love to say “what’s up?” to you.

Gears Of War 3 Retro Lancer

Looking for one of these for a video. I think peepz would really love it. They are so expensive online. =(

Behind The Scenes of Chess Wars

Some unpolished footage of what went on behind the camera during filming.

Got the new GOW3. Can’t wait to play it tonight. I’ll have some footage up to share with you guys as well.

Here’s the behind the scenes, bloopers footage of the Street Fighter vid. Enjoy!

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